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10 Cool Things To Do In LA

I love LA! Really, I do… but I hate traffic. So, I’m going to give you a cool list of things to do in LA that you should see! Before I do, remember… traffic. (Crying, dying, laughing face basically inserted here.)

So I’ll keep this short and to the point:

1.) Find cool picture spots.

There are tons of places in LA that are notorious for being picture spots! One of my favorites is the Pink Wall which you can see in my main picture above. The pictures look cool, and its fun to watch people awkward walk up to it while everyone stares at them taking their picture.


2.) See Venice.

Venice is such a cool place. From the boardwalk, to the Venice Canals, to taking a ride on a Lime or Byrd you have plenty to explore and see. On the beach you have Muscle Beach where people go and work out and do cool things with their bodies! Then you have the basketball courts, the artistic people drawing cool stuff, the competitions, some cool smoothie shops, and some AMAZING coffee shops. Oh, and don’t forget to stop by the little book shops that are on that boardwalk.

Working out in Venice on the Beach
The Venice Canals

3.) Coffee Shop Hunting

I LOVE DOING THIS. I’ve found some of the most interesting and delicious drinks doing this. I won’t give away my favorite spots because that’s what coffee shop hunting is ALL ABOUT! Look up coffee shops, and head that way and try a drink you’ve never tried before. So far my favorite one has been an Iced Mexican Mocha that Paul bought. It was delicious.

A lovely coffee shop in Venice!

4.) The Iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame

It gets pretty crowded, but it’s iconic, and there’s a lot to do down this road. You have the Wax Museum. Bunch of touristy gift shops. Interesting dancers. Lots of things.

Plus, you can make it a mission  to find specific stars names.

This picture is dedicated to the girl that keeps calling me Chewbacca. He cute.

5.) The Boujee Beverly Hills – Rodeo Drive

Around here you can see plenty of nice.ass.houses. How can I put that any better? High end stores. 16 year old kids driving Lambos. And the Beverly Hills Sign that everyone likes to take pictures by.

6.) The Hollywood Sign/Conservatory

So… you can either hike your way up to the sign, OR, you can go to the conservatory and see it from a distance. There is a few cool things around the conservatory worth seeing. You can see down into LA and get a beautiful view of the city too. So head up here, it’s free and it’s beautiful.

Watching the sunrise at the Hollywood Sign


7.) Find Amazing Food

From the Venice food trucks, to the amazing odd little hole in the wall restaurants, there is Oh my goodness. You will find ALL  types of food. Indian, greek, spanish, everything.

8.) Santa Monica Pier

Anyone out here play GTA? Every time I go to the pier I feel like I’m playing GTA. It looks just like it, it’s pretty astonishing. On the pier you have some good food, a big ferris wheel that is sick to ride when it’s sunset, and a few other rides. Plus, there’s ice cream ;). And like usual, you’ve got your random people that do stuff for fun out there for a living that crowds like to see.

A delicious Ice Cream spot by the Santa Monica Pier

9.) Huntington Library – Botanical Gardens

This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen out here. This place is in Pasadena, and if you want to see some of the most beautiful gardens, and walk through something peaceful that looks like it’s out of a movie, this is the go to spot! You can have a picnic, you can walk around, you can learn about plants, you can lay out in the sun and just read a book. You can take a million pictures. There’s plenty out here.

10.) Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Lights)

Okay… So I’ve never been into the actual MUSEUM. But I went up to the lights because this portion of it is free. And I like doing free things. It was pretty busy and crowded and hard to get a picture without a guy trying to take a picture of his abs in the background, but it was really cool to see, and I think everyone needs to go here!



  • Always carry cash… like really. It’s a city. You should know this!
  • Don’t grab “free” CD’s from those guys handing them out on the street. Really… you’ll regret it, they’re not actually “free.”
  • If you want a picture with someone in a cool ass costume, have cash ready. They want money for it.
  • Parking can get expensive, I’ve paid $30 for parking for an HOUR. So we drive around neighborhoods and try to find free parking even if we have to walk a little further.


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