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Who Am I?

Welcome to The Infinite To Do List! My name is Suladys (you say it how you spell it!) and I'm a 24-year-young girl whose whole life has been based on lists. So to start you off here's a list about me:

  • Above all things, God first
  • Born in Puerto Rico
  • Raised in Boston & Orlando
  • United States Navy Veteran now working for NASA
  • Resides in the beautiful state of California
  • Fur baby's name is Migo
  • Getting a bachelor's degree in "something I continue to change my mind about"
  • Favorite Book: The Go Giver
  • Successfully lost 30 pound!

Why This Blog?

I want to inspire you guys to be the best YOU that you could ever be. I started this blog because I started to learn to find some love in myself I didn't know was there before. After a rough marriage, and a rough divorce at such a young age, I never thought I'd rebuild myself. I had another blog before, some of you might remember it if you followed me over to this one. It was called Kissing The Shorelines. It was everything to me. But when my divorce happened, my blog died because I let everything I thought was me die with it. I didn't know who I was anymore and I'd lost sight in what I wanted. My life has become a never ending to-do list piled with things I would've only dreamed of doing. I wanted you guys to join me on my journey as I go through my infinite to do list, and I wanted to inspire you to make your own! We all deserve to do the things that make us happy. And we all deserve to love ourselves some more.

So here's to the most authentic and raw version of myself that I could give you guys.


Suladys Rivera

Founder & CEO of The Infinite To Do List

"To not give a f%ck is to stare down life's most terrifying and difficult challenges and still take action." -Mark Manson



Fur Baby

Migo is Suladys' fur child! He's 5 years young, super chill, enjoys to cuddle, loves pizza and likes to rock the mohawk look every now and again.

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