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Angel’s Landing Hike, Zion National Park

Angel’s Landing is beautiful. As one of my most unforgettable hikes, Angel’s Landing is pretty strenuous and not for those with extreme fear of heights. It has steep drop offs with just a chain to catch you (really but not really). Located in Utah at Zion National Park, it is known as one of the most famous and “must go to” Hikes in the United States.

I would count this hike (for me) as one that tested me mentally. With this devotion to my journey of finding self-love and sharing it with all of you, I learned one great thing about me during this hike. I am NOT weak. I am strong. Over coming my fear of heights, not wanting to get up early in the morning to even go hiking in the first place, pushing myself despite feeling exhausted, and moving one foot forward every step of the way despite the blood rushing in my ears and my sweaty palms was what played into this hike’s emotional part for me.

With that being said, I can’t wait to share the details with you guys!

Angel’s Landing History

  • This hike gives you the view of 270 year old rock layers of Zion’s Canyon. Absolutely breathtaking, beautiful and worthy of time.
  • It was named in 1916 when a man named Fredrick Fisher said, “Only an Angel can land on it!” Or so legend says…
  • In 1987, Angel’s Landing was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


  • Angel’s Landing is rated asĀ moderately strenuous. There’s an area called Scout’s Lookout where you can hike up to, but after this point I would recommend no children or anyone that is not in tip top shape, or too fearful of heights to pass.
  • You can hike this year round: any season is good. Adjust your clothing depending on the season! We did it in early summer/late spring and it was chilly when we started (early in the morning) but got extremely hot as the day went on. Winter’s can be very icy and slippery though.
  • It is 5 miles round trip. Takes about 2-4 hours to finish depending on how often you stop for rest, or if you decide to sit at the top for a while (like we did).
  • It has a 1500 feet altitude gain.
Water Wiggles (Switchbacks)

Getting There

  • There are SHUTTLES! You CANNOT drive your vehicle this far into the park. You have to arrive early, park at the visitor center (and I mean… there was no parking when we got there, and we got there early) as soon as you enter the park on the right hand side. Find where the shuttle lines are (not difficult, there are long lines), get on the shuttle and take the Grotto Trail drop off point!
Shuttles at Zion National Park
  • There is a shuttle schedule online that we simply googled. This schedule is subject to change so I’d recommend verifying it before you head out.
  • We spent the night an hour away to save ourselves money on prices for… well everything. The surrounding area is pretty pricey, so an hour drive was nothing for us.
Shuttle Line

Route of Hike

  • Located across the street from the Grotto Picnic Area. I’d recommend using a bathroom here before you start your hike.
  • First section of Angel’s Landing follows West Rim Trail. It’s fairly easy, wide concreted/sanded areas that go for quite a ways. With-in minutes of beginning the hike, you have beautiful scenery.
  • Eventually you’ll get to the switchbacks which lead up to Refrigerator Canyon.
  • Then you’ll reach the Water Wiggles (more switchbacks) that are actually very tight and gain elevation very fast.
  • You’ll finally reach Scout’s Lookout: this is where you decide if you want to walk the dangerous cliffs with simply a chain to hold you there!
  • The last 1/2 mile leads you the Angel’s Landing, but it’s strenuous, involves a bit of rock climbing, and because it’s very packed, can be very dangerous.

Advice and Warnings

  • Take tons of pictures, this place is beautiful and you will not want to forget your experience.
  • There are snakes.
  • Don’t hike during thunderstorms, you WILL get struck by lightening.
  • Drink PLENTY of water.
  • Wear the right shoes, or your feet WILL hurt.
  • Plenty of people HAVE DIED on this hike. Please take the proper precautions, wear the right shoes, and make the right decisions! Remember to just breathe!
  • Get water at the Picnic area in the very beginning! You will need it.
  • There are TONS of people doing this hike as the day goes by. We got stuck waiting for a group of 30 people to come down in areas that it bottlenecked in the last half mile where the chains are. It was extremely unsafe conditions especially for someone that has a deep fear of heights. People did get scared, stopped, and decided that they wanted to turn around and we had to make room for them to be able to do that. So please, decide whether you are capable of doing this last stretch when you arrive at Scout’s Lookout!
Hiking Angel’s Landing

My experience hiking Angel’s Landing was good. Although I don’t think I would do this hike again, I would definitely go back to Zion National Park, it’s beautiful and has PLENTY of hikes and things to do.



Angel’s Landing Summit

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