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The Big Sur, California

Big Sur, California is finally crossed off my list. And I can’t say that this is a place I’ll ever forget.

All of the views were SURREAL. And the pictures I was able to capture… well I’m sure they speak for themselves.

Take a look:


We started our trip to Big Sur from Ventura County. The drive is supposed to be 5 hours and 53 minutes (give or take) with moderate traffic. We took the 101 from Oxnard, which eventually leads into the road that is basically all Big Sur: THE 1!

Make sure you follow exits, signs, and use your GPS or map to make sure you’re going to the right highway!

Which, honestly it’s not tough at all. YOU GOT DIS!

Along the way we stopped for gas one time, and a quick restroom break. We brought plenty of snacks, a made a LONG… I mean LONG playlists, and chit chatted a bit.

Windows down every now and then, music up, hands catching the fresh air, and a LOT of pictures.

We made it all the way up to a little restaurant called Ragged Point Inn Restaurant.

Let me say, this restaurant had the most BEAUTIFUL view. We sat outside, and the weather was perfect. There was a pathway to the edge that you could hike a short ways down, and take some amazing pictures, enjoy the view, the ocean, the fresh air. And the food was AMAZING! We had breakfast. It wasn’t priced anything crazy, I believe we paid $37 for both of our meals together (don’t quote me on that). I’d definitely recommend sitting outside if the weather is nice! Which… when is it not nice in California!

The restaurant also has an Inn, (obviously, in the name!) that’s rated at about $179 a night, a bar, the ability for events: weddings, special party, meetings, etc with the perfect back drop! (Geez you’d think I’m writing a sponsored post at this point) But the place was just THAT beautiful, and amazing that I’d recommend it as a stop to any and everybody. IT WASN’T EVEN TOO BUSY! Which was great too.

But see the pictures for yourself:

Panoramic view of Ragged Point Inn Restaurant at the start of Big Sur
Ragged Point Inn Restaurant mini hike

The sky was perfect blue, the ocean was the perfect blue, the air was the perfect temperature, and what more could we ask for!?? It was a short hike to the point in the picture above! Just follow the short path from the Inn to this view point, it leads you directly to it. You can walk around the wooden fence which leads to the picture above! You’ll see people doing the same, so it’s not hard to catch on!

Eventually we left because we had a few hours left of our trip and wanted to make it before sunset!  As we continued traveling up unfortunately the road was closed off at one point.

There was a huge land slide and it’s been in the process of clean up for A LONG time now! Here’s a link for more information on the closure:

So unfortunately we had to turn around and go back south, turn left on Highway 46, until we could make it back to turn North on Highway 101.

So before you go, make sure you are checking updates for road closures, alternate routes, landslides, etc! HIGHLY important!

Highway 101 is pretty boring, not going to lie. But it was well worth the trip! The closure added a few hours to our trip but we made it before sunset so we were very happy!

Plus the stop at Ragged Point was worth the drive up and back south and around!


Bixby Bridge
Bixby Bridge from behind

After driving back up we made it all the way to Salinas, where we took an exit to 68 in Monterey, that led to the 1 south and started us back up on our Big Sur adventure that led to the Bixby Bridge pictured above!

There was plenty of traffic… I kid you not, everyone and their mom was there. And there were plenty of tourist with cameras, almost no parking, and cars blocking in other cars. It was kind of a mess! But we were able to find parking to stop and take some pictures.

Eventually, we decided to drive past the bridge, and literally RIGHT AFTER the bridge there was parking on the right with only one car there and plenty of space! It was kind of a turn around area. So if all else fails, there’s a little more parking that people just don’t realize is there!


HOLY CRAP to adventures. Paul (boyfriend) and I decided to scale down the mountain and make it to the bottom. I had this great itch to touch the sand because there was no foot prints in it, and I just HAD to. So we walked our way through the new parking we found, walked through a small space between the bridge and a small hill and started our way down.

Since everything was mostly dried out (due to it being winter) there wasn’t many flowers or anything alive to have to walk through, but it was a tough tread down.

We mostly SLID our way to the bottom, holding on to whatever we could and walking sideways and zig zagging. (Let’s talk about adrenaline rush). I was terrified and I had this terrible runny nose, and tear filled eyes (there was mint leaves everywhere)!

There was also POISON OAK! You couldn’t see it because it was mostly dried out, but it was definitely there. I didn’t have a reaction, but Paul DEFINITELY DID! And it didn’t show until the next day. So just be aware of this!

There was plenty of lose rocks, so be careful with whoever is with you especially if they’re in front of you.

Eventually though, we made it to the bottom:

At the bottom of Bixby Bridge

The feeling of being the only footprints in the sand, seeing the ocean and watching the tourist up at the top wondering how we made it down was exhilarating!

I will definitely say, if you decide to work your way down, work with caution, and remember that you have to work your way back up to the top. It’s not safe, and it’s pretty dangerous. So I don’t really recommend it, but I did it anyway!

It was well worth it…

Our footprints in the sand
Rocks at the bottom of Bixby Bridge
Relaxing on the rocks at the bottom of the bridge

Eventually, we had to work our way back up because the sun was going to set and we wanted to make sure there enough light to lead our way back up. We walked around to the other side of the mountain and found this area.

There’s a secret passage way that leads to personal property, which personally I believe is another way up and down the mountain. So if you’re into doing more research and finding a way down, and you find something safer: LET ME KNOW!

Working our way back up the mountain next to Bixby Bridge.

The sunset was ASTONISHING! I couldn’t stop looking over my shoulder because it was absolutely breathtaking.

Rock climbing to the top of the Bixby Bridge Mountain

In the picture above, you can see me climbing my way back up. There were lots of lose rocks, and if you’re not an experienced or avid rock climber, tough luck. (I’m not either and I was out of breath, searching for dry plants or places to grab on to).

Beautiful Bixby Bridge as we were rock climbing at sunset

Eventually we made it to the top, and sat down. We stared at each other and laughed because we thought we would die on the way up. Call us foolish, call us what you want, but that adventure was definitely worth the try.

That night we stopped by Chipotle, ate some quick food, and headed to our hotel in Monterey so that we could catch up on sleep and head back down the 1 to see more of Big Sur!

Day 2 

On Day 2, we took the 1 back south, and decided to stop at McWay Falls where we also got some amazing pictures and some amazing views!

If your headed South Bound there will be signs stating where to park to your left, or you can park along side the road!

You literally just have to continue drive south of Bixby Bridge, there are plenty of signs, plenty of parks to stop at, plenty of turn around points to stop and take pictures, and this was the one park we decided to stop at! WELL WORTH IT TOO!

McWay Falls, Big Sur, California

There’s a short hike that leads to a small tunnel where you can turn either left or right from the parking lot to the point above in this picture. We turned right! Plenty of picture spots, a small bridge that leads to the next pictures:

McWay Falls past the short bridge

Eventually we got curious and decided to walk back to the tunnel where you could turn either left or right and continued straight (which would’ve been left)! From this point, we (unfortunately but fortunately) went through an area under a rope that says danger and do not walk this way (LOL) and we found the very top of the waterfall with a little bit of climbing down and stuff like that (HAHA!).

Top of McWay Falls

I was a little scared, but the view was beautiful, there were no tourist, and WE FOUND THE FAMOUS TOP OF THE FALLS! What’s it to a little extra venturing out? Amazing views that no one usually sees!

Standing right next to the water fall!

We ALSO stopped at the famous little Henry Miller Memorial Library that’s along the coast!

It was ADORABLE, I’m all about book shops, and books, and whatever else. So I was happy to see this tiny little place with so many cool books! If you’re a book worm like me, I definitely recommend a stop here.

It’s a small place, but they have a cool set up. An old rusted piano outside, and a few other things, as well as some cool ways of setting their books up inside. 🙂

All in all, this trip was beyond anything I expected it to be. It was beautiful, there was so many things to see, and I wish we could’ve stay longer than just two days. It was an all time consuming adventure! So brings snacks, or there are plenty of places to stop at along the way, and bring a cool camera so that you can capture everything!

As for my list, this is definitely at the top when it comes to places I love. Thank you California! And thank you for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below ;).

In the mean time, here are some more cool pictures:

Big Sur
McWay Falls mini bridge
Paul and Suladys at McWay Falls
McWay Falls capture



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