A Daily Dose of Mini-Inspiration: 3 Things to Get You Kind of Motivated

Lately, I’ve gotten questions from people. “What motivates you?” “You inspire me. Tell me how I can stay inspired?” Etc.

So I decided, I’ll give you guys a daily-ISH dose of inspiration, or motivation, or something like that. Some of the things that I basically do myself.

1.) Read something powerful everyday.

No, but really… read something powerful everyday. Get your mind going. Don’t I even have to elaborate?

2.) Make your fxcking bed or something. 

Like, wake up, make your bed, eat some toast and eggs, sip on your coffee, stare out your window, and then go and conquer the day.

Don’t wait until you get those random bursts of energy to do everything you need to do. Sometimes, we have to fight through that lack of motivation and inspiration, and just do something. It shakes us into a new habit of getting things done anyway.

If I could inspire every single one of you guys to just get the fxck up and just go, I would scream at the top of my lungs and tell you to just do it. Get over the fact that you’re exhausted, get over the fact that you’re not motivated, get over the fact that you’re uninspired, and just do it. Don’t even think about it. Once you start, you will get it done anyway.

Our brains are such a powerful tool, such a powerful accessory, we just have to push our bodies and our brains will follow, and vice versa.

3.) Do something good for yourself everyday.

We seriously have the right to be selfish every once in a while. I noticed, spending so much time concentrating on everyone else and not doing something for myself made me slightly miserable. I have to allow myself to be slightly (very) selfish everyone once and a while, take time for me, get myself a little pampered, go on a hike by myself or something and I’d remember where my inspiration, my motivation and that drive I have for everything in life came from.

So be selfish for a little while.

That’s it for your daily-ish dose of inspiration. (Because I’m lazy & don’t actually do this daily.) 

“You will get to where you want to be IF you do the work.”

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