A Daily Dose of Mini Inspiration: Encouraging You to Stay Present to Yourself

Here’s to a cup of spearmint tea with a little bit of honey, my laptop on my lap, candles lit, and my TV running in the background. Current status: wearing my boyfriend’s favorite hoodie, indulging in cheesecake (pathetically it seems), scratching at a silly nose strip, and Migo (my dog) begging for a belly scratch.

Life seems pretty relaxing. Things are going well, I have a hike planned for the weekend, my dog loves me, my boyfriend is selfless with the endless amount of support he sends with his hoodies. I can’t complain. But honestly, things are also really stressful. Just like anyone else, I go through phases, I go through things, I have hard moments, I want to yank my hair out. Life gets a little depressy, kind of messsyyyy.

But it’s normal, and it’s a part of LIFE. 

Talking to my mom on the phone the other day, I explained to her everything that I was stressing about. I promise, my life isn’t all travel and hikes and fun times. I’m human too! And after going on and on about everything that was stressing me out, she stayed quiet. After a few beats she asked me, “are you writing things down? Are you making to do list?”

And man, that kind of shocked me. I got so caught up in my stress and the things I was going through that I forgot to really just… sit down and write a list. A to do list. A goals list. Anything really. Just to get my mind a little organized. I was having such a hard time staying positive and present in my current mindset/situation through the mess that I thought things were, and I was dwelling on all the negatives, all of the what ifs. It was completely killing my vibe. Me not being there for ME.

So here’s to me encouraging you to stay present to yooo-self.

1.) It’s going to be alright, just kick ass

It’s not the end of the world honey! Look at the brighter side of the picture. Look at the good things. And kick ass at whatever it is you’re currently doing. As long as your kicking ass, it’s all going to be alright even when it’s not. Smile, laugh, repost funny memes. Don’t forget to do the things you usually do to help yourself get through things. Be present, drink tea, drink coffee, sip on wine, and do YOU!

2.) Shut the fxck up for a little bit

Be quiet, listen to the wind. Enjoy the rain on your face. Or the sun on your neck. Whichever it may be. Turn your music off for a little bit while you drive, roll the window down and just feel the wind, listen to the birds chirp, listen to the world turn and just BE. Refresh yourself with being present in the current moment, staying quiet, and listening.

3.) Capture the sun by yourself

Go for a walk on the beach, go ALONE! Learn to be okay by yourself. Be with your mind. Watch the sunset, take pictures of it, smile because it’s beautiful and it’s nice to capture it. Go to the park, sit on a bench, watch the sun shine in between the trees. Be present in the moment. And CHOOSE to be positive. Choose to enjoy what’s around you!

4.) Re-invent something

It might be your goals. It might be your most current favorite song. It might be your weekly date night with your significant other. Spice things up. Re-invent it. Try new things. Face your fears. Make a different type of goal. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to not always follow tradition. Doing something new is always fun once it’s done. Make your own quote even, write it down, live by it. Make something good. And stay positive.


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