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Hawaii Lanikai Pill Box Hike Gallery

My experience in Hawaii was a really good one!

As I continue to cross things off my list, this one rates high up there! If you go out, I would definitely recommend the Lanikai Pill Box Hike. It’s family and pet friendly. Easy to get to the pillboxes, with a very rewarding view in the end!


We drove from Waikiki to the hike! It took us about 35 minutes with average traffic.

You have to take the H1 to highway 61. It’s a VERY beautiful and scenic drive so have your camera ready why you’re on your way!

I added a google map link here to make it easier for you to find. It’s not hard to get there and you can see a lot of people trying to climb their way up to get to this hike!


I’m not going to lie:

It was a pretty steep hike

But we got there so fast it felt easy!

There is a trail that is easy to follow and plenty of people following their way up. Parking was a little bit of a hassle just because their were so many people, but it’s still worth it!

I would recommend this as a sunset hike, it’s such a killer view and it’s beautiful during the day, I can only imagine what it would look like when the sky is all these different colors!

Inside one of the pillboxes!

From the pillbox

Lanikai is one of the most beautiful areas in Hawaii. The picture above was captured from one of the pillboxes. And oh my goodness, you can literally see the inside of the crystal clear water from all the way up there. It was amazing!

View from the pillboxes

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