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Hidden Gem in Laguna – Thousand Step Beach

There are rare and few hidden things that we can find once we’ve lived in a place for so long. Either that, or we’ve lived there long enough that we don’t care to adventure, which is the sad truth.

Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures. -Unknown.

The other day, we decided to head down to our favorite beach near us in Laguna because although we’ve lived around for a while, we do still enjoy adventuring. After doing a little bit of research and coming across some pictures of a tide pool beach that was hidden somewhere in Laguna, I decided I would share with you guys WHAT BEACH it’s at. But not exactly how we got there because there’s no adventure in that right ;).

Our adventure led us to this spot right here:

Hidden Gem in Laguna’s Thousand Step Beach

Thousand Step Beach in Laguna is beautiful. Filled with wonders and people playing volleyball, laying out in the sun, enjoying walking their dogs in the sunset… It really is a sandy dream.


How To Get To Thousand Step Beach:

To get to Thousand Step Beach, go towards Coast Highway and 9th Avenue. We parked on the road in a “none red zone.” Across from 9th Avenue you can see that there are probably people doing jumping jacks, running up and down some steps, doing push ups, and whatever else insane people that love to run up and down lots of stairs would do (Ha, JK!). But really, you’ll most likely see a bunch of people surrounding it trying to head up or down.

There aren’t really 1,000 steps. I dare you to count. It’s less than 300. But there’s definitely still a crap ton.

Yaleska Ramos taking the steps down at Thousand Step Beach in Laguna, CA.

There are restrooms at the bottom of the steps, but be aware: If you go at night there’s no light in the restrooms.

While no dogs are allowed on Thousand Step Beach, EVERY ONE had their dogs there anyway. So whether you want to risk that or not is on you! (There are lifeguards, but I don’t know if they care).

I would definitely recommend going when the tide is low. If the tide is high, you won’t really be able to go exploring. The tide tends to be low earlier in the day.

Once you get to the bottom of the steps, you can choose to go left or right. We chose left, saw the cave, walked in that direction and that’s all I’ll say from there. Somewhere on this beautiful beach, far in that direction, you can run into the tide pools we found.

Once you see the abandoned pool, just know you’re headed in the right direction. It looks like at one point it used to be a legit pool, and they just gave up on it and ocean water comes rushing into it. It’s not maintained but it looks pretty cool considering it’s right on the ocean.

Abandoned Pool in Laguna’s Thousand Step Beach

Discovering everything that was in the caves was really cool. There  are little crabs, lots of cool looking slimy rocks, the tide comes in and rushes back out and the lighting is beautiful.

People’s homes are at the top of the beach, if you know California, you know what I mean. They’re up the hills in a threatening “mud slide could ruin this” type of way. And you can capture some cool pictures and enjoy the envious feels you might get from wanting to live on this cool spot.

The sunset was absolutely astonishing from here too. We tried to leave before the tide got too high in the caves to head back to our car, but once people discovered where we were headed, everyone was trickling their way through the caves too.

Caves at Thousand Step Beach

In the end, once we miraculously found our way to get to the tide pool with some rock climbing and really looking at our options, we decided to strip down to our underwear and emerge ourselves into the ice cold water because we made it all this way right?

Tide Pool at Thousand Step Beach.

The water was…. ice cold. But people were jumping in, having a good time, enjoying the waves bringing water in over the rocks and taking millions of pictures to soak in the view.

I hope you have an amazing time trying to find this secret spot out in Laguna. I know for a fact we will head back out here and enjoy it again!


Much love,



  • Deanna

    Love the photos for this post. I’ve only been as far south in California as the Redwood Forest. That place was amazing. If I ever make it farther south, I’ll have to consider this stop, and some food destinations with my pal Justine of the Iridescent Wings because her and I love us some tacos.
    The water looks so warm, but maybe that’s because I’m used to swimming in the lakes of Montana! Keep adventuring and filling us in!

    • suladys

      Thanks Deanna! I just checked out Justine’s blog and I love it, I’ll definitely be searching around her blog for some cool places to visit.
      Also, I promise you the water was nothing close to warm. Haha, it was FREEZING! But we still had an amazing time.
      Thanks for coming by,

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