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How to Pack Lightly When You Travel – Free Printable Checklist

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The more and more I travel, the lighter I want to pack. I used to be the girl with the ten millions bags and carry-ons that were annoying to get onto the plane to go along with it. But the more I started to travel, the lighter I wanted to pack. I was tired of lugging around so many things, so I started really paying attention to what I was packing so that I wasn’t overdoing it.

After FINALLY figuring it out, I’ve decided to share it with you! While I’ve been trying to minimize everything in my life, because to me less is more (minimalist outlook for me) I am believing that doing it in things that involve travel, and even just in my purse matter too.

I’ve also added a FREE printable checklist for you at the bottom of this page! You’re welcome 😉

What Are The Benefits of Packing Lightly?

When you pack light, there’s something about it that makes you feel so free and relaxed. You don’t feel like you’re…. well carrying all this baggage. Literally. It can change the way you see traveling and the way you see exploring.

Packing lightly is also essential in traveling CHEAPER! I have an entire post on how to travel cheaper in the U.S. because that’s how I started! Check it out here.

When you pack light, you have the freedom of moving around freely and not being tied down to luggage. I know people that travel upwards of a month with just a tiny backpack with their things in it.

It’s all about learning to be efficient and learning to pack reliable things.

So there are a few things you have to consider when you’re packing.

1.) Where are you going?

First thing is first, you have to know where you are going. This affects EVERYTHING. Are you going to a wedding? Are you going for leisure? Are you going to Dubai where you’re required to have fancy clothes to get into certain buildings? Are you going to the Bahamas? Are you going to another state? This is all important because with this, you know what you need.

2.) How many days are you going for?

How many days are you going for? This will determine the quantity in which you pack and what exactly you will pack and whether or not you will need to wash.

3.) What suitcase/luggage are you going to use?

Think light things. Think like a traveler, not a tourist. This is SO important because tourist tend to travel more heavy. (I’ve noticed while traveling anyway).


4.) What Season Is It?

Is it winter? Can you get away with wearing the one jacket you will need for the entire trip? Or is it summer? Cause in summer we allllll know less is more! This can also determine your colors and accessories. In the summer you can choose whites and light grey and mix and match those. In the winter you can choose blacks and dark grey and mix and match. The less colors you have the more often you can wear one thing a different way without anyone noticing you have the same thing on again!

5.) What Do You ACTUALLY Need to Survive?

Do you need toothpaste? Or does the place you’re staying at provide it for free? Do you need soap, or is there free soap where you’re going? Do you REALLY need an ENTIRE bottle of shampoo? Or can you get away with travel size shampoo? Can you make your shower bag smaller? Because we all know this tends to take up lots of space!

SHOES tend to take up lots of space too! I say you need three pairs of shoes depending what you’re doing TOPS. One fancy pair, one walking pair, and sandals/flips flops that can be used for multiple things. Your walking pair should be able to also take you hiking and doing tours if you plan for that and your flips flops should be able to take you to the beach or to a casual place. So get shoes that can do both!


A main thing I like to do is wear the things I know I definitely need and MIGHT even have a hard time fitting in my bag. For example: my hat, one of those three pairs of shoes (not just some other pair if ya get what I’m saying), and if I need a jacket AT ALL, my jacket.

Learn to hand wash and hang stuff if it has to be done, learn to mix and match, learn to be efficient with what you have!

I’m not saying traveling lightly HAS to be for you. Man, I got an aunt that takes her whole life with her and she is STILL happy when she travels. She doesn’t care. So that can be you too. But I prefer to be efficient with my ways! That’s all.



This is huge guys. This is the MOST important part of it all. FOLDING! Fold and organize your crap efficiently.

I’m attaching a video that will show you how to fold or roll your close better for this:

Hacks unlimited made this awesome video (not this is not a sponsored post!) and I LOVE the way they fold their stuff. Some of these methods I learned while I was in the military, and I’ve continued to use them because they’re just so efficient and save great amounts of space.

If you can organize your stuff so that everything fits in right and it’s not all unorganized, do it. This will help you pack lightly and it’ll make you happy in the end. Just take the time to actually do it.

The most important tips I want to give you guys:

Be simple.

You don’t have to be extravagant when you go places if you want to have a good time. Less is more, and you have to be more about enjoying the place that you’re at than you are about how crazy amazing you have to look. Wear a little less makeup if you have to, have a little more fun, spend a little more time in the sun, and ENJOY YOURSELF. Forget all the other superficial things. Oh, and if you’re traveling for a long time, learn to WASH CLOTHES! It’s a thing…

If you’re looking to travel lightly, this means you need to drop some of the heavy ass baggage you carry around inside you too. Because it’s not just about what is in that bag. It’s about what’s in your mind and heart for the trip you’re planning.

The checklist I made you guys isn’t some extravagant checklist, it’s short, it’s to the point, and it’s all you really need. You don’t need a bunch of crazy crap with you to have a good time somewhere. You just need YOU.

Your checklist can be found here: Free Checklist For Traveling


Have safe travels, and good luck packing lightly!



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