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Painted Canyons, California Hike

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The Painted Canyons, or otherwise known as Ladder Canyon in Mecca, California was one of the easier hikes I’ve done. It was about six miles, and made a loop  (so you don’t have to turn around to head back) all the way back to where you parked!

A little skeptical at first when I saw the ladders randomly placed in areas to get you up to high land, I took my first step up and when the group finally made it to the top and past all the windy crevices, boy was it AMAZING! Definitely a nice and rewarding hike and I would recommend it to ALL of my friends.

There are beautiful colors in all the rocks, and beautiful rewarding views throughout most of the hike. There were also arrows that people placed on the ground made of rocks to point the direction you need to go. People also randomly balanced rocks as high up as they could (stacked obviously) in random places along the trail which was cool to see and even try some on your own (and fail if you have no balance like me, HA!). And when you finally wind your way back down to the bottom and walk in between the canyons, the view is still beautiful and it’s cool to see all the crazy colors and enormous rocks that surround you!

Now to find out what’s next in the books!!!!


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