A Random Daily Dose of MINI Inspiration- Down In The Dumps Lately?

Grab a cup of tea/coffee and lets talk for a minute.

No but really…

Something pushed me over the edge today and made me want to write this post.

This morning as I was heading to work I saw this elderly women driving by me in her car. She was JAMMING OUT! I mean, she had her music full blast, she was singing along, having a good time, dancing at her steering wheel.

She was ADORBS. And she brought this big smile to my face. And then I was like… whaaaaat the….

Lately, I’ve been a little in the dumps. Or maybe a lot…. You can see it in all things that I do at times! My blog posts are crap right now. My workouts have been lacking a little… or maybe a lot. My work concentration has been kind of off. Not only that, but I’ve been going to bed at like 8 pm because I feel so tired all the time and just don’t have motivation!

I was like, “How in the world am I supposed to inspire my readers when I can’t even inspire myself right now!?”

And then I look around my room. Slowly, I had placed sticky notes everywhere! Over the course of a week actually.

Every time I got a little push of energy, or a small reminder of something good, I wrote it down on a sticky note and I placed it somewhere that I tend to often be at. (My mirror in the bathroom, my closet door at eye level, etc). One sticky note says:


And believe it or not, it’s helping… It’s giving me a bit of motivation. Call me lame or whatever. But maybe some people don’t need motivation like that. I DO THOUGH. And that’s what matters!

And so this morning, I made my bed. I did my oil pulling. Drank my cup of coffee. Walked my dog for an extra ten minutes (cause he’s the cutest). Drove to work listening to some happy music that I could sing along to. And I smiled at everyone that said hi and said hi to everyone that walked by.

The best part about it? It spreads. And when it spreads, it comes back to you! And it’s a little INSPIRING.

We all get tired, we all it those times in our lives when we just don’t feel too good, or feel like we’ve kind of lost our purpose, or maybe we just get a little too stressed out and it burns us out. It’s all just a part of life.

But watching this older lady dancing away in her car, with a huge smile on her face made me feel so many things.

Like: why am I letting myself sit down here in the dumps?

Why can’t I just be a little better? It’ll help me feel better if I continue to try my best at everything!

Sometimes you need to give yourself a break! And that means taking a bit of time off, going home to see your family, taking a small vacation, re-grounding yourself by doing something you love to do and getting out of that work-work-work flow that we get into.

I’ve found that maybe going to the movies in the middle of the week and disrupting my usual schedule helps a lot. Or heading down to the beach after the gym to catch the sunset helps.

Sometimes you just need to disrupt your life, disrupt your schedule, and remind yourself that you’re human!

So I dare you to disrupt your schedule this week. Do something different. Something you don’t usually do!

And feel welcome to stealing my sticky note idea 😉

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