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Skyline Drive Trail in Corona, CA: A trail that keeps you on your toes

With views of the mountains that burned in the fires of 2018, views of the city and if you’re extra lucky: views of some of the greenest scenery filled with wildflowers after a rain storm, Skyline Drive Trail was a slight challenge.

A pretty busy hike that you’ll see plenty of runners and mountain bikers take on, it’s still not for the faint of heart.

Skyline Drive Trail starts behind a residential community and leads to the back mountains giving you an option of multiple trails from within. With plenty of poison oak to keep you on your toes, you’ll want to bring a hat because the shade is pretty slim.

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Information About Skyline Drive Trail

Elevation: 2,227 ft

Distance: 10.9 miles out and back

Pets: Yes (on leash) but bring plenty of water for them! It’s not shaded.

Location: Cleveland National Forest in Corona, CA

Skyline Drive Trailhead

Parking: We parked along the main road, called Foothill Pkwy. You will see plenty of cars parked here. I wouldn’t recommend going into the neighborhood because they can tow your vehicle and no one has time for that.

Trail Head: The trail starts where it shows on the map above.

Trail Type: There is concrete for the first while. After that it’ll be sand/gravel/rock the rest of the way.

Note: This is also the way to Tin Mine Canyon trail! (2.5 miles round trip)

Why This Hike:

Skyline Trail is that type of hike where you go for fun if you have nothing else to do this weekend and just can’t seem to find an awesome, adventurous enough hike! It’ll keep you busy the whole way with views of the mountain side and glimpses of the city on the way up. It’s a gradual incline so your heart rate will stay a little elevated as long as you remain steady on the way up.

Skyline is rated as one of the top three hikes in Corona, CA and I can see why!

After sitting around for most of the morning wondering where to go and what to do, this was just an easy to access hike that didn’t seem to be too difficult to get through. Although it’s long, it’s comfortable and didn’t involve bouldering or anything crazy.

I like this hike because it’s just like an uphill stroll to enjoy your afternoon or your morning or get a workout in with some amazing views.

What To Wear:

**Dependent on the weather. 

Wear something that will protect you from the sun. Like mentioned above, there is no shade to protect you and even on a chilly day in January we were burning up! Definitely a hat is recommended.

A light t-shirt and some leggings or shorts will do the job! Bring a moisture wicking sweater if it’s winter and it’s chilly.

Some nice hiking shoes or boots instead of running shoes. Heading down hill (especially for a long time) will be hard on your knees and toes, so ensure the shoes you wear fit right.

Final Tips:

  • Wear plenty of sunscreen, there’s no shade!
  • It gets very windy up towards the top, secure your hats and shades.
  • Pick up your trash, please don’t leave it behind!
  • This area burned in 2018 and some areas are charred but it’s still beautiful.
  • There are drops over the edges so secure your pets to a leash
  • Don’t be afraid to explore the trails that connect to Skyline Drive Trail. They’re pretty cool too.
  • Lots of poison oak on some of the side trails. Be aware!
  • Watch out for some cool eagles roaming the skies trying to steal your dogs.


Happy Hiking!


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