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I have been blogging for about 3 years with 1 failed blog that was deleted last year, and this blog that I started not too long ago!

I realized that I LEARNED how to become a blogger by going to other peoples blogs and reading for hours and hours on how to get this thing started. I did SO.MUCH.RESEARCH.

I tried to consume as much information as possible and I sat at my computer for what felt like FOREVER trying to figure this thing out.

SO I decided to put all the information to get started here on this very post.

There are many reasons to become a blogger:

1.) It’s an amazing way to release stress, energy, and agitation!

After work and the gym, I usually head home, walk my dog, shower, make some dinner, and after some homework: open my laptop and start jabbing away at the keys on my blog. I knew I wanted to be a writer since I was in middle school. I joined the school’s journalism class and pursued it all the way through high school.

Unfortunately, I decided to get my degree in something different, but writing was always my passion and I still wanted to do something with it. That’s when one of my friends from work said

Why not do it for fun, on the side. Maybe blog or something!?

He was a YouTube vlogger and made a few extra pennies on the side from it. And with some persistence he was finally able to convince me to do it! He mentioned that I could probably figure out how to make a living from it! His entrepreneurship was inspiring to me!

So coming home, releasing stress on something that is productive and that I love is AMAZING for me. And it can be amazing for you too!

2.) You can make a living from it!

You can earn money from it too! I know plenty of bloggers making upwards of 50k a month just by blogging. Some of them even post their monthly income reports to show you a break down of how they make their money!

You can click here for a list of my top favorite bloggers that I know post income reports!

It’s not hard to monetize your blog. Through ads, affiliate links (just like you see in this post), sponsored post, and many other things: you can make some extra cash for yourself!

3.) You can share your knowledge with the world.

What do you know? What do you have true and deep understanding about? You can share this with anyone that has access to the internet!

By learning to market your blog and through social media you have the opportunity to spread and share any knowledge!

4.) Just have some fun!

You can just have a good time with your blog! Like this blog: I enjoy adventuring and sharing it with the world or like this blog. 

So how exactly do you become a blogger?!

First I’m going to explain a few different things:

You can come back to this section when you’re done so you’ll better understand it.

Bluehost: This is where your blog/website will be held in it’s small little corner of the internet. It survives, lives, eats, and breathes in this space. Just like we all live in our spaces of the earth.

Domain: This is what your sites space/company/house is called!

WordPress: It’s you decorating/managing/make it prettier spot! This is where you would build the way your space looks! WordPress makes it EASIER so that you don’t have to write code, or worry about any of the crazy jazz. It’s a decorator basically- and you manage your space from here.

Themes: Do we all remember myspace? Or nah? Okay, well these are like… materials used to decorate your space. Adds the flowers. Or the curtains. Or maybe the couch.

Plugins: This is used to make it run smoothly. Within wordpress you can add plugins for different things: to get email subscribers, to add instagram pictures on the side of your page, etc. etc. etc.

1.) Find your niche.

What do you want to talk about, what do you want to share with the world?

2.) Go to bluehost and make your account. You’ll get an awesome discount that’s not offered anywhere else!

My blog didn’t start doing too great until I was self-hosting. So I HIGHLY recommend self-hosting. It looks TEN TIMES BETTER, and brings more traffic to your blog.

After you’ve created an account, you will select your plan:

Three plans Bluehost offers

After you select the plan you believe will work best for you:

3.) Select your domain name.

In other words: you’re going to select your in this section.

When you’re selecting your domain name, really think about your niche. If you change your mind about your niche, would you still want to keep the same domain name?

So make sure you’re picking something that you know you’re going to want to stick with. This is EXTREMELY important!

This is the page where you pick your domain name.

4.) Pay your price

After you’ve selected your domain, you will pick your pricing.

Personally, I’d select the longest term for the least price. This is SO much better because it’s so cheap and you don’t have to worry about doing it again for a while.

If you decide to cancel after one year, you do get a refund on the left over months that you haven’t used: and you can’t really beat that.

Payment options

You might be wondering

Wait, so I have to pay for this crap?

You’re making a small investment in something that can make you triple the price of what you’re paying (for your own space on the internet) in a day alone! Don’t over think it, I did when I first started and I pulled back and didn’t start.

Why? Because I didn’t want to pay. And I wish I wouldn’t have waited!

I’m telling you, I wish I would’ve started blogging SOONER!

Bluehost will HOST your site, they are AMAZING. They will also call you, update you, make sure you know if there are any issues with your site, and ask you how things are going. Which is the best part!

I had no idea what I was doing, and they were so kind and helpful to me! It was amazing.

If you look at the plans above, you don’t have to have all those add-ons NOW. You can simply add them on at some other time when you feel you need them.

After you’ve finished your process, made your password you’re done with this step! Now onto the fun part!

5.) Install WordPress in Bluehost

Log right back in, and click on wordpress!

Follow the steps- it’s really easy. You’ll pick what kind of website you have, and then it’ll ask you to pick a theme, you’ll go through all of those steps one by one!

Eventually, after you’ve followed through all the steps, you’re going to land on your dashboard.

Don’t be overwhelmed! You need to create some content. Your blog isn’t going to look perfect until you’ve created some content/posts and given it some juice.

6.) Logging into your blog

To log into your blog, you have to put your blogs url with /wp-admin at the end.

For example:

You don’t really ever have to log back into Bluehost unless you want to things to your package or anything of that sort.

And it’ll take you to a wordpress log-in. Here you will put your username and password in. (Make sure you verify everything that needs to be verified through your email!)

7.) Don’t be overwhelmed! Take it one day at a time!

Your dashboard looks like this:


You can customize your website, play around with different themes and try writing your first blog post. Here’s access to a 10 Blog Posts Ideas Sheet. Add widgets, and play around with all of your buttons. Familiarize yourself and get comfortable with using it! This is where you will be spending a lot of time my friends ;).

Printable 10 Blog Post Ideas Sheet Preview

Write your first post! Start with an about me, or why this blog, or anything along those lines!

Add a small bio on the side your page. Go from there. Take things ONE.STEP.AT.A.TIME.

Once you have this all going and you feel you have a decent page, market yourself to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever other social platforms you have that work for you!

Warnings & Tips

  1. You have to make sure you have good security measures on your blog. This is HIGHLY IMPORTANT. You don’t want to get hacked, and you want your “home” to be secure as can be.
  2. Take your time, breathe, don’t get too overwhelmed! If you get overwhelmed, it can make you want to quit, and that’s not what we want! No one ever became successful over night! (Except for that yodeling Walmart kid).
  3. Write down all your usernames and passwords for the different websites! This is important. In the world of blogging, you will find that you have lots of different usernames and passwords for different websites to help promote, socialize, and drive traffic to your blog! I made you guys a password sheet that you can print out and write all of that information on! You’re welcome 😉

Download it –>Password Cheat Sheet Downloadable

Password Cheat Sheet Preview

Maintaining a blog is not easy work, it takes a lot of time, effort, patience and resilience. Keep at it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Work hard, hustle, and you can make your dreams come true.

I added another FREE checklist so that you can make sure you’re on the right track!

How To Start A Blog Quick Guide

Good luck with your blogs and I hope this helps! Comment your links after you have them up and running! I’d love to see your work 😉




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