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The Grand Canyon: Arizona 

The Grand Canyon was a pretty “hot” item on my list for me! And boy am I glad I got to experience and see it myself. 

Let me start off by saying that Arizona is definitely one of my top favorite states so far! I stayed in a town called Flagstaff in this cute little AIRBNB. And while I didn’t get to really explore that area (my goal was to see the Canyons) I did love what I got to see. I ate at this adorable pizza place called Pizzicletta, (we all know about my pizza obsession right?) and the pizza was AMAZING! Perfect amount of too much cheese, and perfect amount of too much grease. Perfect, perfect, perfect. So if you ever head to Flagstaff I would check it out. 

We also ate breakfast at this wicked rad restaurant called Mix. They had fresh avocado… and that’s all I have to say about that (because we already know that any place that has avocado is winning). 

So enough about food. 

Getting to the Canyons took about an hour! We went to the south rim side. I wanted to go to the north rim but it was four hours away. The entrance to the national park is $30 per vehicle (car). BUT, when you’re military, you can get in for free (winning!). So I definitely recommend just getting an annual pass so that you don’t continuously have to pay fees if you plan on seeing lots of national parks. 

It was cold, snowing, and windy as hell! Yes, it’s the month of May. And it’s SNOWING. So be prepared for any crazy type of Arizona weather. Boy were we in for a surprise when we realized we only had short shorts and tank tops. We had to buy warm clothes! 

There are plenty of easy hikes, and plenty of difficult hikes. There’s also the option to reserve a tour, take a helicopter tour, etc. 

Anyway: After finally making it to a place we could hike, my breathe was taken away. Holy crap, it looks surreal and insane. 

Needless to say, my nose was running, my eyes were watery as hell, I couldn’t feel my toes or my fingers, and my ear drums were hurting BUT I fell in LOVE with this place and I wouldn’t mind going back again and again to experience being on top of a floating, scary, breath taking rock looking down at the world (not really but might as well). 

All in all, if you decide to go to Arizona, even if it’s the middle of summer, prepare with some warm clothes JUST IN CASE because you never know. 

And have some damn fun! 

A list of reasons to see this:

-Absolutely breathtaking and surreal

-The pictures are insane

-You can do multiple tours and see different things 

-There’s interesting wildlife 

-You get the chance to sit in a cloud (if it’s cloudy anyway)

-The hikes will give you some booty gainz 

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