Training Your Mind to Look at The Bigger Picture

After spending plenty of time paying too much attention to things that don’t matter, I realized that there was a way to look at this bigger picture, and the things that actually matter. It takes time, and patience, maybe some forgiveness and letting go of things that don’t matter. But in the end you can train your mind to look at the bigger picture:

1.) Stop looking back.

STOP…. Just stop spending so much time back there. Sometimes we let ourselves spend so much time looking into the past, it stops us from looking at what we really need to be looking at. Looking into the past means spending all of your time paying attention to the things that really no longer matter. Forgiveness is key in a lot of situations. Most of the time we look into the past because it’s something we can’t let go of, or we talk too much of those “better days”  but forget that you have to live in today and now. Stop looking back, and look ahead. Look at today. Look at right now, or tomorrow, or anything… But leave the past where it is.

2.) Don’t let your emotions overpower your intelligence

Anger is a big one too. When we feel anger we tend to forget everything else. If you feel angry, remember to breathe because you might say something you don’t mean to say, or you might do something you don’t mean to do. Anger sometimes dims our intelligence, or even just our intelligent way of speaking. Control your emotions, and remember that YES it’s normal to have them and show them, but it’s also good to be strong and have agility in them.

3.) Remember that you still have a lot to learn

You don’t know everything. Sorry to break it to ya. But there’s SO much in this world we don’t know and we’re still discovering. To place it into perspective: if you can give me the names of 100 people that live in your neighborhood, tell me their ethnicity, where they work, and the names of each of their parents along with what their income and job title is…. well…. that’s maybe .000005% of knowledge you have of information about just your neighborhood alone! We know nothing, and the world is ever changing, and like I always say: we have to be versatile and change and grow with it. Be willing to learn, be willing to take constructive criticism and find a better way to your methods. It’s a good thing!

4.) Place yourself in a different perspective

If you only look at things from your point of view, you don’t see anything. You need to be able to place yourself in another person’s shoes, in their eyes, and understand what they might be feeling or understanding. Understand the possibility of why maybe you might be wrong and someone else might be right. This is big when it comes to looking at the bigger picture. Things in life can be so vast, and there are sooooo many people with different perspectives, ideas, and outlooks that if you take the time to open yourself to it you’ll find yourself in a completely different mindset.

5.) What is the end result going to look like and how do all the other little pieces add up to it?

Don’t ever just think about how things are going to affect you now and today. Be aggressive when it comes to details, think about how those little things you do now are going to fall into place for something bigger in the end. That is the ultimate bigger picture!


Take the time to reflect on yourself and how you can pay attention to the bigger picture when all the little things come together! You’d be surprised at how it changes your outlook, attitude and even your reactions.

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