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Try An Easy Hike: Eaton Canyon Falls Hike, Los Angeles, California

Eaton Canyon Falls was a short, easy and fun adventure for any casual hiker that’s located in the San Gabriel Mountains. Long hikes are fun and all, but sometimes we need those short and easy hikes that lead us somewhere amazing without too much added effort! Can I get an amen?

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It’s known as a 40 foot waterfall in Los Angeles. Not too far to reach from the city, it makes it highly convenient for anyone looking to get a breath of fresh air.

While you are getting a breath of fresh air, I will remind you… you’re close to LA and it is a shorter hike. Due to this, the hike is VERY crowded and there are lots of people with their pets walking through.

Why This Hike?

Eaton Canyon Falls is a well explored area for most that visit LA. With everyone talking about it and bringing it up, we figured why not check out what all the hype is about? We were definitely glad we did!

The water is fresh, cold and the water fall was worth seeing. No regrets going on the hike. We enjoyed every bit of it and hope that you guys do too!

Getting To Eaton Canyon Falls Trailhead

We started by simply inputting “Eaton Canyon Falls Trailhead” into Google Maps. It leads you directly to a neighborhood street where you can park at and then walk your way up the hill called Veranada Ave until you see the trail head off to the right.

Please be respectful of neighbors! No one wants to be disturbed in the comfort of their home.

Location of Eaton Canyon Falls Trail Head

Hike Information

Elevation: 436 ft

Distance: 3.5 miles round trip

Difficulty: Easy for most. A bit of climbing around rocks towards the end. But very manageable.

Pets: Yes

Best Time To Go: All year round. We went in winter right after the rain (January-February time frame). The more rain, the better the waterfall. It’s more likely to be dried out in the summer time.

What To Wear:

I HIGHLY recommend shoes you don’t mind getting muddy and wet. I wore Chacos because we walked through water and got pretty muddy and what’s better than some hiking sandals to save the day?


Along with Chacos, I chose to wear some comfy North Face shorts that are my favorite for hiking. They dry pretty quick, they’re easy to move around in, and they’re light for the weather that we were having!

I paired this with a white loose tank top and an adidas climate hat (to absorb the sweat! Duh). And you can’t forget, a Camelbak to go along with each and every adventure.

Just remember to be comfortable, check the weather, and be okay with getting your feet wet!


More Info:

This hike has signs that help lead the way. At first, we were a little confused because there are multiple trails in this area. But after passing a bridge and taking the right side at the fork and heading down and back around to under the bridge, we knew we were headed in the right direction. You can hear people talking and the waterfall getting closer!

Final Tips:

  • Leash your pets, there are tons of people with their pets out there and some dogs went a little crazy on others.
  • Some people go swimming! The water can get pretty deep if it rains a lot and you do have to cross over the river more than once. Make sure you’re okay with getting wet. The water is ICE cold.
  • Pick up your trash! Please don’t live trash behind.
  • Bring plenty of water.
  • Wear sunscreen. It is shaded for plenty of portions, but you still want to make sure you get the max protection!
  • The rocks are so pretty, people have graffitied some of the rocks along the way and it’s disturbing. Bring a trash bag with you, join the “Adventure Bag” club, and pick up trash and try and clean up on your way out.
  • Don’t forget a camera for the great shots.


Much love and happy hiking,


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