7 Important Things I Learned in 2017

2017 is officially over and the new year has begun. For some of us it was a heavy year. For others it was easy and fast. For me, it was full of ups and downs and a few turn-arounds. I definitely can say I learned a lot and I wanted to share a LIST with you guys of things I learned in 2017.

1.) It’s okay to say goodbye to people that aren’t good for you.

2.) Just because you fail at something once, it doesn’t mean you should give up. Get up and try again. That’s where success comes from.

3.) Age is just a number. You could be 50 and be considered wise, but you could also be 22 and be filled with so much knowledge. Yet…. someone who is 50 has to continue to learn just as much as someone that is 22. The world is ever-changing and ever-growing and we must learn to change and grow with it.

4.) Be versatile. It opens new doors, new friendships, and new opportunities.

5.) Read more. It fills your brain with knowledge,

6.) Always do WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! Don’t stop yourself just because people question you for doing it. Don’t stop yourself because people don’t like it. Don’t change the way you do something because people embarrass you for it. If you like the way you do something, or you like what you’re doing, then continue doing it! Others can get over themselves. It’s your life!

7.) Wake up earlier. It makes you so much more productive. Push yourself to wake up early so that you can always conquer the day!

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