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Who Am I?

Welcome to The Infinite To Do List! My name is Suladys (you say it how you spell it!) and I'm a 23-year-young girl whose whole life has been based on lists. So to start you off here's a list about me:

  • Born in Puerto Rico
  • Raised in Boston & Orlando
  • In the United States Navy
  • Resides in the beautiful state of California
  • Fur baby's name is Migo
  • Getting a bachelor's degree in "something I continue to change my mind about"
  • Favorite Book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F%ck by Mark Manson
  • Obsessed with pizza
  • Hobbies include but aren't limited to: Eating, Gym, Reading & Hiking
  • Successfully lost 30 pound!
  • Profession is in Aviation Electronics

Why This Blog?

I started this blog because ever since I was a kid, I would write a list for everything and anything that needed to get done (like most people do, right?). Whether it was homework, chores, cooking ingredients, daily task, work procedures, reminders, whatever... I wrote it down. I would find random sticky notes, notepads, recycled paper, or anything and have my list that I'd walk around with until it was eventually completed. Slowly I would cross everything off and eventually throw it away. Accomplishing a full list was always the most relieving feeling, and the satisfaction of crossing things off and almost reaching the finish line is always exhilarating!

So I started this blog. I started it because I have a list that I've never completed! It's not a bucket list, because I'm not trying to complete it before death or whatever reason bucket lists are for. But it's a To Do list of the many things I AM completing!

So follow me on my journeys and adventures, as I complete my Infinite To Do List (with a few random lists here and there.)


Suladys Rivera

Founder & CEO of The Infinite To Do List

"To not give a f%ck is to stare down life's most terrifying and difficult challenges and still take action." -Mark Manson



Fur Baby

Migo is Suladys' fur child! He's 4 years young, super chill, enjoys to cuddle, loves pizza and likes to rock the mohawk look every now and again.

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